Going Viral: Bellmont Partners Helps Shape “Jiggly Boy” Strategy

Photo credit: David Sherman

Photo credit: David Sherman

Have you met Jiggly Boy? Almost half a billion people worldwide have seen or heard about the Minnesota Timberwolves super-fan since he danced his way into viral history a year ago this week. He’s actually corporate innovation expert, author and improv comedian John Sweeney, co-owner of the Brave New Workshop, the nation’s longest-running comedy theater – and a Bellmont Partners client.


In the past year, Sweeney has become a full-fledged internet sensation, racking up more than one million additional video views a week, showing up everywhere from Mashable to MSN, and fielding interview requests from as far away as Japan. Today, AdWeek’s PRNewser ran a behind-the-scenes look at how Bellmont Partners helped guide the Jiggly Boy discussion on traditional and social media to make sure the strategy behind the stunt didn’t get lost in the frenzy.

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