5 Questions with Emma Strub

Emma interview

In this edition of “5 Questions,” we chat with Bellmont Partners’ newest Account Coordinator, Emma Strub. Emma is a social media enthusiast, loves the theater and fine arts, and is always up for a good banana pun.

We sat down with Emma and asked the tough questions…

So tell us how you got your start in PR?

I went to college thinking I wanted to do speech pathology – I didn’t really know a lot, but what 18-year-old knows what they want to do anyway? I took one J-school class and liked it a lot. I wrote and edited my entire middle school newspaper, I was the first one on Facebook and MySpace from my group of friends… it’s just really not a surprise this is where I ended up.

I was in music and sports and student council and I did everything growing up, so I really had no idea what I loved when I got to college. Then I realized what cool theater we had here in Minneapolis – the first show I saw here was Spring Awakening by Latte Da. Then I had my first internship at Mixed Blood, followed by interning for Theater Latte Da. And that’s how I fell in love with the PR and marketing part of the arts. Then I was at the U of M doing event stuff and that was fun, but I always leaned heavily towards social, which is also not a surprise.

Let’s talk about social – where is it headed for PR?

I think it’s really about the difference between digital and social, and how it’s literally all connected – soon it will be one big pit. It’s a lot of native ads and online stories. This year for the State Fair, we had seven print articles, but I could go to the web and find hundreds of clips. Content is all digital – when there’s native ads on a place like Huffington Post, they’re going to share it on social. It’s all connected – it’s going to be one big platform.

And what about platforms – where will they be?

Vine will not exist. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will – they have staying power because they are so unique. I think Tumblr will be around too, but since Yahoo bought it there’s a lot of advertising. Everything’s been done and everything has a gimmick, so I think it will be more app-based and less platform-based in the future. More WhatsApp, Tinder and Kik type stuff.

If you weren’t in PR, what would you be doing?

Probably advertising, but that’s a stupid answer. No, I’d be Tracy Turnblad on Broadway, because I basically am Tracy. I watched Hairspray four times in the theater.

Maybe I’d write a musical – Parks and Rec the Musical, coming from my mind, very soon.

Let’s keep the office debate going – are you Minneapolis or St. Paul?

I am Minneapolis through and through personality-wise, but I’ve been spending a lot of time in St. Paul lately, and I kind of dig it. I’m falling in love with St. Paul, but I think it’s just because the lenses in my sunglasses make everything look gorgeous when I’m driving through it.

Thanks for answering our questions, Emma! You can follow Emma on Twitter at @emmaestrub.

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